Jenn Giffi (Owner)

It all began in high school when I participated in theatre and worked with stage make-up. This led me to join make-up school straight after high school to gain more knowledge in cosmetics. Through hard work and dedication, I found myself working in studios along side with famous celebrities. Whether it’s for the Grammys, Forbes, Emmys, and/or music videos for artists such as Blink182 all the way to Jessica Simpson, I’ve done them all.

From the age of 19-21, I was a make-up queen. However, my interest in the make-up and the glamorous life took a turn when I realized that there was something more important than just make up; skin care.

Eventually, I turned my focus towards skin care and spa work. I strongly believe that the skin is the basis for beautiful make-up. The skin is what needs to be taken care of first. My knowledge of make-up, spa, medical dermatology, and facials combined helped m e to rise up in the industry. Today, I continue to provide excellent spa and skin care services to clients with a variety of needs. I’m very determined to well educate clients about skin care and produce incredible results through fabulous treatments.

Look forward to your next visit!

-Jenn Giffi
Founder & Proprietor